19.07.2019 - 02.08.2019
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International summer camp in Lithuania
for teens of 10 - 17 years old 
Democratic and  project based education, supported by
Israel experience of creativity and Start-Up thinking


19/07 - 2/08/19

The studio is suitable only for those who already have some experience in music: musicians, singers, composers, etc. We will develop special style for different teams, work under vocal, production and technical moments. We welcome in the studio participants with musical instruments. 




19/07-26/07, 26/07-2/08/19

How could a place inspire people? What is the meaning of the city today? What is the future of urban society and how can an architect influence on it?

We will discuss about an essence of architecture and solve real urban problems in our models and projects.




19/07-26/07, 26/07-2/08/19

For those who love fashion & crafts. 

We will learn how to work with patterns, how to use images and shapes for  inspiration and your own design.

We will  also talk with professionals about what is to be a fashion designer today  and every student will make portfolio of his/her projects.



Traveling to Vilnus and Trakai

Projects Based Learning

Art workshops

Video production



Evening events

Additional workshops in Russian

& Hebrew languages


Beach and the lake


MORE ABOUT PROGRAM (soon) >>>>>>>

Double and triple rooms
4 meals a day
Special diets menu possible
Additional evening meals
Cooler with water 24*7
Сoffee breaks 

Snack bar

Beach with lifeguard
Сampfire sites
Wild deer park
Open-air concert stage
Football pitch
Basketball court
Voleyball court
1300 euro for 2 weeks
700 euro for 1 week
The prices do not cover a cost of tickets to Riga and back, visas and hotels before and after the camp, if you need it. 
10% and more discounts  are available for groups from 2 people, as well as for groups' organisers. Please contact us to find more information about it
Additional grants for young artists - please contact us for details and application forms.
Grants for the first participant from every new country - please contact us for details

What will be living conditions?

Summer camp is located on recreation center Juku Dzirnavas. Participants will live in double and triple rooms with all amenities, four meals a day.


How to get to the camp?

On airplane, train or car - to Riga. We organize transportation from Riga to camp and back to Riga. We also organize an additional transfer, a meeting at the airport or at the bus or railway station, based on additional agreement.

Who will be living with the child?

Participants will be living in double or triple rooms with all amenities, their wishes for accommodation in the rooms will be taken into account. Boys and girls live in different areas of the camp.  

How much free time will be in the camp? Is the program interesting?

The camp program is quite busy: there is a couple of classes before lunch, then some options for the free time, and in the evening extra activities and creative workshops by choice. And for sure the program is interesting: we respect the interests of the participants and we are are professionals in informal education. So there will be a lot of fun, creativity, amazing discussions and real challenges​!


Who takes care of the children? How many people are in the group?

Only professional educators, who have been specially trained, work in Art Box summer camp. Teachers on-duty work practically round the clock: both at night and early in the morning. There are about 25 people in the group; 3 educators and additional leading person work with each group. There are also tutors and pedagogical coordinator in the camp, that help participants and educators in solving some issues.


Who takes care of security? Is there a lifeguard at camp?

Area is protected round clock (24 hours), also we have a lifeguard in the camp.  He is always near the water.

What if the child get sick?

The doctor and the most  required set of medicines are available on campus 24 hours a day, just like a car with a driver - for emergency situations. We are always in touch with the parents and put them in notice immediately in case of unforeseen situations.

Still have questions? Ask us:


Instagram: @taniatuman

Minimum 12 hours of program in English every day

+ Hebrew & Russian in chosen lessons

& free time

Music and Vocal all ever the camp: not only for Music Studio participants, but everywhere!

Project in teams, results and presentation in each STUDIO

Inspiring & creative atmosphere: space, people, ideas and collaborations that you'll never find in any other place

Body & Mind workshops twice a day:

8:00 - 11:00 AM

14:00 - 16:30 PM

+ swimming, etc

Добавьте фото, тексты, ссылки или подключите данные коллекции.

40 workshops to chose:

music, arts, crafts, video, new media, body&mind 

40 workshops to chose:

music, arts, crafts, video, new media, body&mind 

Swimming, hiking, fireplace, etc!

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